Social Media Services

Practically everyone in the 21st century checks their Facebook account several times a day, manages their circles with the help of Google Plus or follows their idols on Twitter, but did you know that social media can also benefit your business?

How to reach more customers

Though not likely to directly drive sales or generate a return, getting involved in the major social media networks establishes your company as a switched-on enterprise that’s exploring new ways of using the latest technologies and platforms to get their message out there. If customers perceive your business to be forward-thinking and, above all, sociable, they’re more likely to trust your brand and buy from you, either now or further down the line.

New Connections employs in-house social media marketers that can set up and monitor your accounts with a wide variety of websites. We’ll post content to your profile, manage user interaction and can even report on your progress every month. Call us for a little more info about our fees today!

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The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing covers everything from Facebook and Twitter to forums, but it’s the ‘social’ part that’s the important bit – how to use the latest social media tools and applications to connect and engage with your potential client base. Increasingly, visitors will come to your organisation via social media rather than directly to your website as they believe they will get a better feel for the people behind the business, and discover what other people are saying about you!

Many businesses ignore social media marketing, but we take a more constructive view – it’s possible for anyone to develop a cost-effective strategy that will get you noticed, engaging with customers and developing brand awareness.

We’ll clearly explain the elements that make up social media marketing, look at how they can be used to your advantage and develop a workable and target-focused plan of action.